Project and Expedition Lead

Markus Rex, Alfred Wegener Institute

Co-Leads of Coordination Team

Matthew Shupe, CIRES, University of Colorado and NOAA-ESRL

Klaus Dethloff, Alfred Wegener Institute

Project Manager

Anja Sommerfeld, Alfred Wegener Institute

Project Board

Coordination see above
Atmosphere Matthew Shupe U Colorado
Markus Rex AWI
Sea Ice Donald Perovich Dartmouth
Marcel Nicolaus AWI
Ocean Céline Heuzé U Gothenburg
Benjamin Rabe AWI
BGC Brice Loose URI
Ellen Damm AWI
Eosystem Rolf Gradinger UiT
Allison Fong AWI
Modeling Wieslaw Maslowski NPS
Annette Rinke AWI
Remote Sensing Ronald Kwok NASA, JPL
Gunnar Spreen UHB
Aircraft Manfred Wendisch U Leipzig
Andreas Herber AWI

Project Team

Project Board see above
Logistics Uwe Nixdorf AWI
Marius Hirsekorn AWI
Verena Mohaupt AWI
Data Stephan Frickenhaus AWI
Antonia Immerz AWI
Media Katharina Weiss
Permanent Guests Martina Löbl AWI
Julia Regnery AWI
Bjela König AWI
Rainer Knust AWI
Dirk Mengedoht AWI
Peter Gerchow AWI
Anya Waite AWI